About me

Hello, my name is Sascha Caballero


and I am an enthusiastic scuba diver and underwater photographer.

Diving has been with me since childhood, when my father became a member of a diving club

and took me to the swimming pool. The first few years we (like most) dived in the surrounding lakes and as far as I remember it was always freezing cold !!! Ok, in the 80s the equipment was still far from today's standard.


Today I travel through the world as often as possible

always looking for new dive sites and as far away from mass tourism as possible.

Here at great friendships have been made with different resorts.

The "Boot" fair in Düsseldorf offers a good platform to meet the boys / girls in Germany

and to exchange news.


 In 2006 my interest in underwater photography began. First with a small compact camera, but I quickly realized that the possibilities of the small camera were exhausted.

So I decided to take a little more money and bought an Olympus E330 SLR and an Inon Z240 flash. At the latest now it was clear that the addiction to the perfect photo had gripped me!

When friends / holiday acquaintances kept coming to me, I should do more with my pictures, my homepage came into being. After taking part in a photo competition for the first time, where I achieved second place, I was amazed because I am always very critical of my own photos.


So my first photo exhibition was created 2 years later.


 In the meantime I write travel reports, organize group trips


I am currently taking pictures with Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark2

Nauticam - housing.

2x flashes from Ikelite DS 161

or 2x Inon 240Z type 4.



Aktuell: Semi-Finale World Shootout 2019


Magazin " Tauchen "

2. Platz Oktober-Ausgabe 2015

8. Platz März-Ausgabe 2016

1. Platz Juni-Ausgabe 2016

2. Platz August-Ausgabe 2017

2. Platz Mai-Ausgabe 2018

5. Platz Februar-Ausgabe 2019

Jurysieger Oktober-Ausgabe 2019

1.Platz November-Ausgabe 2019


Magazin " Unterwasser "

8. Platz Jury -Wertung Mai-Ausgabe 2016

9. Platz Jury -Wertung Juli-Ausgabe 2016

5. Platz Jury -Wertung August-Ausgabe 2016

6. Platz Jury -Wertung September-Ausgabe 2016

8. Platz Jury -Wertung Oktober-Ausgabe 2016

3. Platz Jury -Wertung Oktober-Ausgabe 2017


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